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Home Soup of the Day

Priced Daily

Homemade Maryland Crab

Cup $4.59 | Bowl $5.99


Cup $3.99 | Bowl $5.59

French Onion Soup Au Gratin$4.99


Corn Nuggets$4.49

Chicken Fingers$6.59

Mozzarella Sticks$4.99

Potato Skins $5.99

Onion Rings$5.49

French Fries$3.79

With gravy $3.99

Sweet Potato Sticks$4.49

Dusted with cinnamon sugar

Chicken Wings$7.99

Seafood Appetizers

Clams Casino$8.59

Crab Pretzel$9.99

Fried Calamari$6.99

Crab Dip$9.99

Creamy Back Fin served in a bead bowl with Pita Triangles

Jumbo Shrimp Steamed with Onions

$9.99 1/2 Pound | $18.99 Pound


Valley View Inn Supreme$12.59

Garden Salad, salami, provolone cheese, eggs, shrimp served with pepper parm dressing

Caesar Salad$7.99

Chicken Caesar Salad$9.99

Garden Salad$3.99

Greek Salad$8.99

Garden salad topped with Feta cheese, black olives, anchovies

Chefs Salad$10.49

Garden Salad topped with Ham, Turkey, Eggs and Cheese


Add French fries: Substitute fries for chips $1.79

Grilled Chicken Breast$7.99

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato$5.99

Char-Broiled Steak$9.99

Corned Beef$6.59

Grilled Cheese$4.59

Grilled Reuben$8.59

Hamburger (8oz.)$8.99

Kosher Dog with Bologna$4.99

Meatball Submarine$5.99

Fresh Cooked Turkey / Oven Roasted Roast Beef $5.99

Chicken Salad$6.99

Ham Sandwich$5.59

Club Sandwiches

Chicken Club$9.99

Grilled Chicken with Provolone, Bacon, LTM

Roast Beef Club$7.99

Tender Beef served with Swiss Cheese, LTM

Albacore Tuna Salad Club$8.99

American Cheese, LT

Turkey Club$7.99

Turkey Breast baked fresh served with bacon, LTM

Ultimate Club$9.99

Ham, Turkey, Swiss Bacon, LTM

Seafood Sandwiches

Tuna Salad$7.99

White Albacore tuna

Crab Cake

Broiled or Fried
Market Price

Fried Oyster$5.99

Shrimp Salad$8.99

Soft Crab

In season
Market Price

Filet of Fish$5.49

Cold Platters

Shrimp Salad Platter$10.99

Tuna Salad Platter$8.99

Served with lettuce tomatoes, eggs, slaw and potato salad

Chicken Salad Platter$8.99

Trio Platter$12.99

Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Shrimp Salad served on a bed of lettuce with tomato and egg

Hot Platters

Hot Hamburger 8 oz. $9.99

Hot Roast Beef$7.99

Served with your choice of mashed potatoes or French fries

Hot Roast Turkey$7.99

Served with your choice of mashed potatoes or French fries

Meatball Parmigiana$11.99

Served over Pasta with Salad

Pasta & Pizza

Pasta meals served with a salad

Garlic Bread $2.49

Spaghetti with Meat sauce$10.99

Spaghetti with Meatballs $11.99

Chicken Parmigiana$12.99

Fried Chicken breast served over pasta

Cheese Pizza$7.59

Extras 1.00 per item
Cheese | Onions | Pepperoni | Green Peppers | Anchovies | Mushrooms


Please allow 25 minutes for well done meats

Char Broiled New York Strip$18.99

Steak Teriyaki $19.59 | Steak Genovese $19.99

Char Broiled Pork Chops$13.99

Chopped Sirloin of Beef$11.99

12 oz. lean beef served with gravy

Fried Chicken$12.99

Grilled Prime Rib

King Cut $20.99 | Regular Cut $16.99

Ham Steak$10.99

Grilled and topped with Pineapple and sauce

Liver & Onions$11.59

Slices of liver smothered with grilled onions and gravy

Roast Turkey Dinner$11.99

Fresh Roasted Turkey served with stuffing, cranberry

Grilled Chicken$11.99

Served with rice and vegetable

Seafood Dinners

Back Fin Crab Imperial $18.99

Broiled Stuffed Flounder$17.99

Stuffed with Crabmeat and topped with our homemade crab imperial

Crab Cakes

Your choice broiled or fried
Market Price


Fresh Flounder Broiled or Fried

Fried Oysters$12.99

Fried Shrimp$14.99

5 Hand Breaded shrimp fried to a golden brown

Shrimp Scampi$14.99

5 Jumbo Shrimp sauteed in garlic butter sever over rice

Soft Crabs

2 lightly floured and sauteed
Market Price

Stuffed Shrimp$19.99

3 broiled shrimp stuffed with crab meat


Potato Salad$2.49

Cole Slaw$2.49

Apple Sauce$2.49

Pickled Beets$2.49

Mashed Potatoes$2.49

Baked Potato$2.49

String Beans$2.49

French Fries$2.49


Fountain Soda$2.79

Pepsi | Diet Pepsi | Slice | Ginger Ale


Hot Tea$1.99

Chocolate Milk$2.49



Iced Tea$2.79

Brewed daily

Can Soda$1.99

Caffeine free Diet Coke


Ultimate Vanilla Cheesecake$5.99

French Chocolate Silk$3.99

Homemade Rice Pudding$3.49

Creme De Menthe Parfait$4.49

Ice Cream$2.99

Vanilla or Chocolate

Pie A La Mode$4.99

Desserts Of The Day

Just ask us to name them!

Kids Menu


Hot Dog & Fries$3.99

Kids Pizza$4.99

Kids pizza just for one!

Chicken Fingers & Fries$5.99

Juice box$0.99